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Single Cell Core User Agreement (read before submitting form)

Single Cell Core User Agreement

By submitting a Research Application to the Single Cell Core (SCC) the applicant is agreeing to the following Agreement:

Service:  The SCC provides the service of making single cell droplets from user-provided cell suspensions. Cell suspensions may be brought over on ice or users may work on SCC bench space to prepare their samples the day of the experiment. The SCC will perform library prep on the cell droplets upon request and deliver final libraries. The user can then work with any sequencing core to have the libraries sequenced.

Safety Training:  Users who will prepare samples within the core must have a brief safety training prior to working in the lab. This can be arranged ahead of your run date or done upon your arrival.

Users who intend to use the 10x genomics instrument by themselves need to be trained in advance by SCC personnel. This should be arranged ahead of your run date with the core. Access to the 10x instrument will be provided after successful completion of the training. SCC will not be responsible for the self-operation of the 10x instrument and any loss of material as a result.

Sequencing/Analysis:  Users are expected to arrange for the sequencing and analysis of their libraries. Sequencing instructions detailing the required sequencing parameters are provided on the SCC website. These instructions should be given to your core of choice when sequencing single cell libraries. We suggest you contact the Harvard Chan Bioinformatics Core for analysis and bioinformatics support, as their data scientists are experienced in analyzing this type of data.

No Warranties: Limitations of Liability: SERVICES ARE PERFORMED AND RESULTS, REPORTS AND OTHER DELIVERABLES ARE PROVIDED “AS IS,” WITHOUT WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND. The user is expected to understand the novelty of the single cell droplet technique, and therefore, any unfamiliarity and inexplicability associated with it. The user should also appreciate that the quality of the data primarily depends on the quality of the sample. It is essential that the user prepares single cell suspensions in an approved buffer at the proper cell density with high viability. The SCC will only bear the responsibility for the data quality if the Core Director can clearly identify a mistake or problem with SCC materials or staff performance.

Fee for Services: The amount to be paid for the services is charged on a monthly basis. The amount may cover the encapsulation of single cells in droplets, the library preparation and a one-time setup fee. The setup fee covers 8 runs or the encapsulation of 150,000 cells, whichever is reached first. SCC reserves the right to apply a new setup fee when deemed necessary for a given project. All services must be paid for within the fiscal the services are performed (July-June). Failure to pay for services will terminate the user relationship with the core.

Term and Termination: The term of this Agreement shall be twelve (12) months commencing on the Effective Date (the “Term”). Either party may terminate this Agreement at any time given written notice, provided that any services initiated by SCC prior to expiration or, in the event of termination by SCC, prior to the notice of termination, shall be completed. In the event of termination of any Services by the user prior to completion for any reason, the user shall pay all costs accrued by the Facility as of the date of termination, including non-cancelable obligations incurred prior to the notice of termination and reasonable costs associated with winding up of services.

Experimental Protocols and Data: The SCC may request to see user data in order to assess the quality of the library prep. User data will not be shared without user permission. While general experimental protocols may be shared with other users, no specific details of an experiment are shared without the user’s permission. Users are required to submit a detailed procedure of planned sample preparation method at least 24 h in advance of the scheduled experiment.

Acknowledgments: In order to monitor support services and satisfy institutional reporting requirements, SCC requires clients to acknowledge work performed by SCC in peer-reviewed publications in either one of the following two ways:

  • in the acknowledgement section by stating: “The authors would like to thank the Single Cell Core at Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA for performing the single cell RNA-Seq sample preparation.”
  • in the methods section for by stating “Single cell RNA-Seq was provided by the Single Cell Core at Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA.” You may include the appropriate level of detail regarding your experiment. Please reach out to the SCC if you need assistance in describing the methods in more detail.

Authorship: The SCC Director will discuss authorship with the requesting researcher. The SCC does not require or request co-authorship on studies on samples that are run through the SCC. However, in cases where significant intellectual contributions are made by SCC members, co-authorship follows commonly accepted scientific practice.



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User agreement valid for 2 years from date signed by user.