Instruments & Services

Three different single cell encapsulation methods available:

The custom microfluidic system inDrops allows us to encapsulate a single sample at a time. This method is less expensive and allows us to monitor encapsulation as it happens to adjust collection for each sample. inDrops requires custom analysis pipelines.

All 10x Genomics applications using the Chromium Controller can be run by the core. There is opportunity for self-service as well upon training by our experienced team members.

We support applications using BD Rhapsody system, which offers real-time monitoring of barcoded single cell. 

We have recently included two instrument-free single cell technologies in our list of services- Parse Biosciences and Fluent Biosciences.

If you are interested in custom application of single cell technologies, please reach out to us and let us know. We are happy to bring on new technology. We are always in search of new robust technologies to include in our repertoire, provided sufficient interest exists in the community.


Technologies and services

  • 10x Genomics
    • Single cell and single nuclei RNA-seq (both 3' and 5')
    • Single cell ATAC-seq
    • Single cell multiome (transcriptome and epigenome)
    • Feature barcoding (CITE-seq, hashtagging, MULTI-seq, Cell Plex)
    • Targeted library prep
  • BD Rhapsody
    • Single cell RNA-seq
    • Sample multiplexing by hashtagging-like approach
  • inDrops (for Harvard labs only)
    • Single cell and single nuclei RNA-seq (3' only)
  • Parse Biosciences (SPLiT-seq)
    • Single cell RNA-seq (3' only)
  • Fluent Biosciences (PIP-seq)
    • Single cell RNA-seq (3' only)